Madhurima Hot Photo Gallery

Madhhurima is an Indian actress. Her full name is Madhhurima Banerjee and she is currently acting in many south-Indian films. She started her career as a 14-year-old artist in the Government of India project ‘Kadambari’, which is a Bana Bhatta classic from the 5th century AD. It was made in Sanskrit and Hindi and telecast on DD National network. For this project, Madhhurima had been spotted in a Mumbai music recording studio by the world famous Indian film director G. V. Iyer. She had been recording children’s songs in her voice. After ‘Kadambari’, Iyer, impressed by her work and beauty, offered her the role of Sita in his Ramayana that he was planning as a multinational film with foreign actors and with Sanjay Dutt in the role of Ravana. He also gave her a certificate for her good acting talent. Iyer died during the planning stages of the film. Though offers from films and TV serials did pour in after that, Madhhurima, being from a non-film background, immersed herself in her studies and rejected the offers. While in the 3rd year of her 5-year law studies, a friend suggested she attend an audition for the Hindi film Toss, which was being directed by Ramesh Khatkar. She was offered the role of Sherry by Sri Ramesh Khatkar. After consulting her parents, she signed the contract. After the shooting of Toss, while waiting for its release, she was offered women-oriented lead roles in Telugu films, based on her photographs taken while shooting ‘Toss’ that were put on the Net by the Toss management. As the roles portrayed powerful, modern, professional personalities like a doctor who was a criminal psychiatrist, an engineer who is an industrialist, with strong social messages, she accepted the roles and became a Telugu star overnight while continuing her law studies. Madhhurima has learnt ghazals and bhajans from her mother and classical Hindustani music. She is also trained in Kathak and Bharat Natyam and western dance. She is also talented in drawing and painting but could not pursue this interest further.

Madhhurima comes from a middle-class family of professionals. Her father is a mechanical engineer who has served in the Indian Navy and is now General Manager of the largest private shipyard of India. Her mother has been a researcher in the field of Virology and is a content writer who has worked in multinationals in the IT sector and is now a novelist.

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